Camrose County’s Living Heritage

Camrose County’s Living Heritage Project –  is a rural museum without walls!

The Living Heritage project is an ever evolving collection of stories, structures and adventure points; connecting people, places, and nature; with history, geography, and the environment within Camrose County.   We invite you to grab a cup of tea, and wander around the County a little.

If you’d like to digitally connect, click on The Living Heritage Project here:    You will keep in mind that memories may have wandered at times; and in collecting these written and verbal stories, we make no promises that things unfolded exactly as told. These are teaspoons of recollection as we heard them, and we are simply sharing where ever we can.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter if that’s more your thing.     But better yet, experience some of our treasures by traveling around in person. There will be gravel roads and fresh air involved! Find out why around here, we believe in respecting the footprints of the past.   We choose to follow them into our future.