The Lefse House


M-m-m.  Remember those good smells that wafted through Grandma’s kitchen?  For Scandinavian folk, this could have been the potato lefse baking on the top of the coal and wood stove after Grandma had mixed and rolled her dough of potatoes and flour.  Many settlers from the Scandinavian countries came to live in Alberta over 100 years ago.  They brought with them this special expertise in Scandinavian baking which was very labour-intensive and time-consuming but loved by all the family members and was standard fare at community gatherings.

In June 2002, Bernell Odegard bought The Lefse House, a Scandinavian bakery.  He continued the wholesome and authentic baking, using all natural ingredients with no additives.  At present, together with his wife Linda, daughter Jane and many long-time staff members, the shop produces favourite items from Scandinavian recipes including lefse, flatbread, rosettes, fattigmann and krumkake.  The product line is also sold at grocery stores, markets and delicatessens across Alberta.lefse-house-featured-image

Being of Scandinavian heritage, Bernell serves strong, tasty Norwegian coffee.  The Lefse House has become a favourite spot for lunch and coffee breaks.  Whether you choose from a wide range of Scandinavian snacks (Danish kringle and sandbakkles with real lemon butter) or a hearty lunch menu item (Swedish meatballs and gravy or a smoked salmon plate), you definitely will not leave hungry.

The gift area of the store proudly displays interesting cultural gifts and personal items, typical of the Scandinavian countries.  From Norwegian rosemaling and traditional baking equipment to books of Scandinavian humour and history, there’s lots from which to choose a memorable gift for a special occasion or as a treat for yourself.

Come and stop by for a taste of something different.  The coffee is always on.