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As you all know, becoming a new mom is an amazing and life changing experience, and as Debbie found out, becoming a grandmother was too! When I was pregnant with my first daughter Hayden, my mom and I did tons of shopping at baby stores and boutiques and had so much fun doing it we thought we could bring this same great experience to Camrose, Alberta. What was initially just some preliminary discussions and brainstorming, quickly become reality! Within six months our doors opened and I must say the last few years have been a whirlwind! We will be celebrating our 3rd Birthday here this summer and have taken on the undertaking of launching our online store due to many requests from our loyal fans from outside of Camrose.
Although the store is a major part of our life, Debbie and I both have many other things on our plate, as all of you parents know life truly is a balancing act! My family, which has expanded to two girls, Hayden and Quinn, sure keep me busy everyday. I am amazed at how fast they seem to be growing up, but each day offers a fun new memory and moment that I absolutely cherish. Many of you that have shopped with us before have also seen my kids grow as they are often hanging out, “helping” mom and grandma.


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 from Kicks to Kids Camrose Debbie Debbie is also busy being a wonderful grandma to the two girls in her life and loves it when they get to spend time at the store. Although I’m not sure how much “work” she gets done when they are around, but hey, that’s the joy of being a grandma! Debbie is also very involved in the community. She is often volunteering for many of the events that go on in Camrose, such as the 2011 Ladies Provincial Curling Championships, 2012 Alberta Boston Pizza Cup Men’s Provincial Curling Championships, as well as Big Valley Jamboree. She is currently holding a position on the Board of directors with the Camrose Chamber of Commerce, which keeps her involved in many other small business and community events.
This store has been a great experience for us, and we absolutely love looking for the best products and most fashionable clothes for the young families that shop with us, but I think the thing that Debbie and I like the most about having the store is truly the relationships that we have made. It is so fun to share the excitement and joy with a mom that is just starting the journey of pregnancy, to watch as her tummy grows and finally to have the happy parents come in with their bundle of joy. Even though we have only been open a few years, some of those new babies are precocious toddlers running around our store, and we are amazed to see how much they have changed. So yes we love babies and kids, but through the store we don’t have to keep having them ourselves!