Camrose County north of Hwy 13

Camrose County covers an area approximately 128.5 km (80 miles) long from the north to south and  48.25 km (30 miles) wide.  The County is intersected by highway 13 running west/east; and north/south by highways 21 and 56.

Camrose County section north of Highway 13 includes communities of Hay Lakes, Kingman, Armena, Round Hill, Bittern Lake, Ohaton, and Bawlf.  Ackenberry Trout Farm is located on Miquelon Lake Road, and Maplewood Acres Garden Market at Armena

An ideal time to experience tourism in the County is during Prairie Fun Days, a self-guided driving excursion held on one specific weekend in August.    On this particular weekend, all the historic churches, museums, one-room school houses, as well as the market gardens and berry farms are open to the public Saturday and/or Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

The North Route of Prairie Fun Days (approximately drive 157 km)  contains the following tourist sites that are open to visitors during Prairie Fun Days:

  • Hay Lakes Telegraph Park
  • Kingman Museum
  • Trondhjem Lutheran Church
  • Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • St. Stanislaus Church
  • Hampton School
  • Alberta’s Littlest Airport
  • Camrose County Nature Conservation Centre