A Vintage Train Bound for Somewhere

The countryside rolled leisurely by at 25 miles per hour, as we gazed through the windows of the vintage passenger car  trying to place each farmstead we passed by.      Coming upon usually unseen farm backyards from a railroad track is not the ordinary Highway 13 view.

The red leather seats of the beautifully refurbished car were comfortable and spacious – certainly not that tight fitting, knee banging squeeze we all unfortunately have to put up with when flying somewhere.   On the Battle River Rail Passenger Excursions, you can actually stand up straight from your seat and walk out without stepping on the toes of your companion traveler.    Such Luxury in traveling … we have all forgotten about!

Did you know that a train must blow its whistle three times at each crossing – and did you also know that there are 72 crossings between Camrose and Heisler?   That’s a lot of blowing your own horn….which the Friends of the Battle River Railway are certainly entitled to.

Decked out in traditional costumes for the period of the day, the Friends of the Battle River Railway  strolled up and down the swaying aisles, serving ice-cold lemonade and local hor’s doeurves to the passengers, and sharing the history of the landmarks passing by.  We were on a fantastic media-familiarization tour from Camrose to the Historic Heisler Hotel.

The Battle River Railway is a fully functioning short rail line with a super fun twist.  Six times in the year, the usual grain boxcars are exchanged for a beautiful, vintage passenger car  heading for somewhere special in central Alberta.  The ride leads you to a delicious country home cooked meal and entertainment somewhere along their line between Camrose and Galahad.

IMG_3015IMG_3041Looking for something special to do – Check out the excursion choices at www.friendsofbrr.com

Or phone Shara-Lynn  780-374-2180;  or Muriel 780-879-3924

Find them on Facebook : Friends of Battle River Rail